Go to my main website to view other items such as Boats, African figures and larger sculpture Welcome to my online shop where I sell a selection of my smaller and less expensive pieces. There are mainly birds and animals to choose but do drop back again as I will be adding seasonal and other pieces from time to time.


PayPal is through Paypal using either your PayPal account or a Credit/Debit card of your choice.


Because they are small, they can easily and safely be posted to you by Royal Mail, as long as you are having them delivered to a UK address. I only sell my work in the United Kingdom so all prices are in UK Pounds and delivery is only offered to the United Kingdom, Isle Of Man and Channel Islands.
Parcel Post

My delivery charges are £4.20 per order item.

If you would like to pay online but collect from my studio, just drop me an email in advance.

I generally pack with second-use cardboard boxes and biodegradable packing 'chips' which hopefully you can re-use.

Shapes and Sizes

Each animal or bird piece is hand made and unique. The pieces are formed by rolling out slabs of clay, cutting two similar shapes and assembling them while the clay is still flexible. Typically a piece will be joined at either end and then a base added.

Three views of a Schnauzer

Cats, dogs, birds, zebras, camels, elephants are left open at the top as shown the picture.

Others such as puffins, penguins and whales are completely closed at the top with just a small hole bored in the base to allow hot air to escape during firing.

Approximate sizes of the pieces are:Approximate piece sizes

Small birds

9 -10 cm Long
8 cm High
3 - 4 cm Deep

Big birds (Barn owl, Gull, Puffin, Little Owl)

17 - 21cm wide
12 - 13 cm high
  4 - 5 cm deep

Approx weight: 235g - 335g

Tall birds (Kingfisher, Woodpecker, Penguin)

16 - 21 cm high
  8 - 10 cm wide
  3        cm deep

Approx Weight: 170g - 220g

Cat / Dog / Seagull / Puffin

12 - 19 cm Long
11 - 12 cm High
4 - 5 cm Deep


7 - 9 cm Wide
16 - 18 cm High
3 cm Deep

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have more questions or special requests.

Thanks for visiting the shop.

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