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within this website features over 40 of my smaller, and safely posted birds and animals. Payment can be made securely online using Paypal Balance or Credit/Debit card.

Three of my Likely Lady collection have breezed into the Online Shop recently. Take a look at these fun, saucy and unique pieces.


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This piece is my much-magnified version of an Apple of Peru, a fruit closely related to the Cape Gooseberry and similarly enclosed in a paper-thin casing.  I have tried to show the flimsiness of the casing through piercing the clay, despite the finished piece being approximately 30cm long.

Apple of Peru

Environmental statement

My wheel, kiln, workshop and office are all powered by clean wind and solar electricity from ecotricity who are building new sources of renewable energy in the UK. I use bio-degradable or re-used packaging materials with which to deliver or post my pieces. When my work is transported to and from exhibitions, I use the All Electric Nissan Leaf.

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